Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make $$$ While Icreasing Traffic to Your Site

Would you like to increase the amount of traffic to your blog and make money at the same time?

A great way to drive new visitors and readers to your blog or web site in 2009 is to join Adgitize. A fast growing ad and publisher network they have a terrific system to help you grow your blog.

What is Adgitize? It is a publisher / advertiser network designed to help bloggers get started in growing their readership with low cost advertising. It is free to join and start earning money with a small fee for monthly advertising.

As a publisher you are rewarded points for your blog's ad views, page views, for articles you write, and for browsing online and visiting otherr advertisers. At the end of each day total points are converted into cash with the ability for you to earn revenues and receive cash outs (starting as low as $10).

The best benefit comes from being both a publisher and an advertiser as you get more traffic to your blog as an advertiser and you earn revenues as a publisher.

Benefits of joining Adgitize:
  • Of course, the payouts ($$$)
  • Increase traffic to your website!
  • Earn more every time you write an article on YOUR blog!
  • Earn more when you click on ads for other members within the community
  • Earn more any time someone clicks a member ad on your blog

Basically, you are rewarded for any traffic you receive from any source. And you can make even more when you refer someone to Adgitize who places an ad on the Adgitize Network. You will be paid a one time finders fee of $5 for referring them and you will also be paid $1 for every month they continue to advertise on the Adgitize Network.

It costs you nothing to join. The signup is quick and easy. So, realy you have nothing to lose.

Try them out! You have nothing to lose and lot’s of traffic to gain.

Click here now to get started today…

Adgitize your web site.

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