Sunday, January 18, 2009

Make Money Surfing The Web

Like the idea of getting paid to surf the web? Then give ClixSense a try.

ClixSense is a website that pays you to view websites.
There is no cost to join. You simply Log-In and begin browsing ads. You get paid for each ad you view and you receive a monthly paycheck for your activity.

If you want to earn more, ClixSense will pay you for every registration you refer. You can can upgrade your account (for $10) to a "Premium" account and you will get paid five levels deep for referrals.

You can make even more when your referrals place ads on You will get paid 10% of the revenues earned from that ad.

Keys to Ensuring Making $$ with ClixSense:

  • Check the site for ads as many times a day as you can
  • Increasing your minimum payout to minimize the check fee (there is a $3 fee when they cut a check)
  • Get referrals! (not required -- just recommended)
It does not hurt to give it a try! After all, it is FREE to join!

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Anto Paul said...

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